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IDR Honor Society calls for communication network participants

As part of the launch of the Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Honor Society, we intend to create a forum for open discussion of interdisciplinary issues. In conjunction with this forum, we would like to establish a list of contacts on our website which will serve as nodes of communication to facilitate interdisciplinary communication between the different departments within the university. Students and Faculty interested in serving as such “nodes” for their respective departments will be a source of contact for others by either responding to questions directly or providing further direction to other resources. Please respond to Risa Pesapane ( with your contact information such as email, office location, area of expertise/department, and work phone (optional) if you are interested in being listed as part of the communication network. All disciplines are encouraged to apply!

Edit: (03/05/2011 TE)

Network participants are now listed under Communication Network. We will continue to add contacts to it on an ongoing basis. We hope to add categories and a search function to it in the future.



Applications Spring 2011

After a semester of continuous work, a group of VT graduate students are finally officially launching the nation’s first chapter of the Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society, Iota Delta Rho. Membership applications are now being accepted, and everyone pursuing interdisciplinary research is strongly encouraged to apply.

Further Instructions can be found under Application Procedures. Application deadline is Friday, February 18th.

Your webteam IDR

Update: Applications are now closed. They will open again in the fall. Please check back for more information. launched

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society at Virginia Tech. Our webpage is still heavily under construction but we hope that you can find some interesting information about us, our mission and service to the research community. We will expand as we go and hope that you enjoy your visit.

Your webteam IDR