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Have you ever wished that there were an expert of a certain field near you to answer your questions when you suddenly encounter a problem which is “beyond your understanding”?

Now you have this opportunity!

As part of the launch of the Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Honor Society, we asked IDR-interested faculty and students at VT to send us in their contacts so that we could list them on our website as “nodes” of communication. The “nodes” are a source of contact for others by either responding to questions directly or providing further direction to other resources. The people, whose contacts you see below, have kindly agreed to serve as communication “nodes” for their respective departments, which means they would be happy to receive and answer questions from you on topics related to their department’s activities and research. So the next time you run into a topic you cannot handle independently, or think that you want to start an IDR project with a particular department, go ahead and contact them!

Also, if you would like to enter this network and become an “IDR node” within your respective department, be sure to e-mail Risa Pesapane ( with your contact information!


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Thank you to all the volunteers!

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