Constitution for Iota Delta Rho Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society


Section I.
The name of the society shall be the Charter Chapter of Iota Delta Rho at Virginia Tech (hereafter referred to as the Charter Chapter) also known as The Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society, hereby referred to IΔΡ.

Section II.
The purposes for which this chapter is organized are:

  • To promote and recognize interdisciplinarity at Virginia Tech and throughout the United States
  • To facilitate communication among researchers from different disciplines
  • To recognize and maintain lists of interdisciplinary researchers on campus
  • To increase the number of funded interdisciplinary research, education and outreach projects available on campus


Section I.
The Charter Chapter exists as the founding chapter and authority of IΔΡ. This charter may be revoked should the chapter fail to act in accordance with the purposes for which the chapter is established. Upon revocation of this chapter’s constitution, the chapter shall cease to exist, and shall hold no affiliation with IΔΡ.

Section II.
The Charter Chapter shall adhere to all student organization rules and regulations as described by Virginia Tech and the Association of College Honor Societies. Failure to adhere to these guidelines shall constitute sufficient grounds for revocation of the chapter affiliation with IΔΡ.

Section III.
The dean of the Graduate School shall be invited to serve as the chapter faculty advisor. If the dean is unable to serve in this capacity, a faculty advisor shall be selected by the full members of the chapter for a term of three years.


Section I.
The members of the society shall be those Virginia Tech students who have been duly initiated in accordance with the bylaws of the society. The society may also grant honorary membership and associate membership to other persons in accordance with the bylaws of the society.

Section II.
Minimum requirements for full membership in the society shall include: (1) completion of at least 12 graded credit hours as a degree-seeking graduate student, (2) a grade point average that is greater than or equal to 3.7, (3) have demonstrated initial research success and noteworthy achievement as an original investigator of interdisciplinary research, and (4) provide significant contribution to the local IΔΡ chapter.  Full members are voting members.

Minimum requirements for associate membership in the society shall include: (1) have demonstrated sincere belief in the society and its mission by pursuing interdisciplinary research, and (2) provide significant contribution to the local IΔΡ chapter.  Associate members are non-voting members.

Minimum requirements for honorary membership in the society shall include: (1) have noteworthy achievement and proven commitment to interdisciplinary initiatives for education or research, and (2) have contributed significantly to the local IΔΡ chapter.  Honorary members are nominated by active chapter members and approval is subject to a majority vote by full members. Faculty, staff, and other professionals are eligible for honorary membership.  Students are not eligible. Honorary members are non-voting members.

Section III.

Sufficient cause for termination of membership from the chapter and IΔΡ include but are not limited to: criminal charges, violations of honor code, and violation of constitution or by-laws. At least 30 days notice shall be given followed by a hearing with a statement and defense of charges. The decision shall be made by a 4/5 (80%) affirmative vote.


Section I.
The chapter shall hold at least one induction per year where officers present membership and other recognition awards.

Section II.
The chapter shall hold at least one campus-wide outreach event that promotes interdisciplinary research such as a research symposium or round-table for integrative discussion.

Section III.
The chapter must send at least one executive officer to the annual meeting of IΔΡ until accreditation by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) is achieved.  Thereafter, each chapter must strive to send at least one executive officer or appointed delegate to the annual meeting.

Section IV.
Each chapter shall prepare an annual report and deliver to the Charter Chapter at Virginia Tech by August 1st.  The Charter Chapter will be responsible for collecting and compiling the IΔΡ annual report until a Board of Directors of IΔΡ is established. Thereafter, this responsibility will be assumed by the Board of Directors of IΔΡ. Each chapter’s report will include the following information for the academic year immediately preceding the date of the report:

  • Summary of activities including inductions, elections, and outreach events
  • Assets and liabilities as of the end of the academic year; the principal changes in assets and liabilities; the expenses or disbursements of the chapter, for both general and restricted purposes
  • The number of members of the chapter as of the date of the report, together with a statement of increase or decrease in such number. New member information: name, address, email, membership type, college/school/department information, and research interests (optional).


Section I.
The executive officers of the chapter shall be the president, the vice president of membership, the vice president of events, and the secretary, and the treasurer.  The aforementioned executive officer positions may only be held by full members.  Associate members may be elected to other positions as the chapter deems appropriate.  Only full members have voting rights.  Officers shall serve one-year terms but can be re-elected.

Section II.

Elections of executive officers and other chapter positions are to be held annually. The recommended timeline for elections is no later than one month before the end of the academic year. The election process shall be overseen by the Vice President of Membership for adherence to membership requirements and conducted by the President and secretary and assisted by at least one member of the extended board if existent.

Section III.

In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, an interim president shall be selected from the executive officers by executive officers until a replacement is elected at the next meeting of the chapter.  In the event of a vacancy in any officer position, the president can appoint a temporary replacement who shall serve until a permanent replacement is elected at the next meeting of the society.


Section I.

All officers will serve as representatives of the chapter to the general public and promote the mission of IΔΡ. All officers are required to adhere to the constitution and by-laws in performing their duties.

Section II.
The president shall

  • Approve anything released to the public
  • Conduct elections in accordance with Article V Section II.
  • Ensure that IDR is performing all activities in accordance with the by-laws
  • Ensure the completion and delivery of chapter annual report to IΔΡ by August 1st
  • Hold a position on the National IΔΡ Board of Directors once established

Section III.
The vice president of membership shall

  • Organize the membership application process
  • Oversee blind review of applications by members in accordance with by-laws
  • Coordinate induction ceremony
  • Ensure compliance with membership eligibility
  • Oversee elections with regards to member eligibility in accordance with Article V Section II.

Section IV.
The vice president of events shall

  • Coordinate all required events in accordance with the mission and by-laws
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts in conjunction with the treasurer

Section V.
The treasurer shall

  • Monitor bank accounts and coordinate check reimbursement
  • Collect dues
  • Maintain and communicate the budget throughout the fiscal year
  • Adhere to all rules and procedures of the Virginia Tech Student Budget Board
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts in conjunction with the vice president of events

Section VI.
The secretary shall

  • Record and distribute meeting minutes
  • Organize and archive documents and event information
  • Maintain up-to-date by-laws and constitution
  • Ensure the completion and delivery of chapter annual report to IΔΡ by August 1st
  • Coordinate documents for officer transition

Section VII.

Any officer may be removed from their position for neglecting their duties or violating the constitution or by-laws following a hearing with a statement and defense of charges by a 4/5 vote of full members.


Section I.
Members shall be assessed chapter dues in accordance with the bylaws of the campus chapter.  Chapter dues shall be set by the full chapter members as needed.  After establishment of a National Board of Directors, members may be assessed a one-time national dues.

Section II.
The treasurer shall be responsible for managing the finances of the chapter. The treasurer shall adhere to all rules and procedures of the Virginia Tech Student Budget Board in managing finances of the society.  All expenditures must be authorized by the treasurer prior to disbursement.  All transactions must be reported in the chapter annual report.


The society will not discriminate on the basis of research or educational discipline, race, creed, color, gender and sex, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.


No solicitation or propaganda, such as rushing and social pressure, shall be used to ensure acceptance or invitation to membership.  No members or applicants shall be subjected to any form of hazing.


The constitution may be altered by at least a two-third (2/3) vote of the active chapter members present at a regular meeting. To be eligible for consideration at the annual meeting, proposed amendments must be presented in writing to the members at least ten days prior to the scheduled date of the regular meeting.