Start a new chapter

The mission of IDR honor society is to promote and  recognize interdisciplinary research. In order to spread the cause of our mission across the nation and the world, we would like to extend the invitation to the researchers with whom our goals resonate, and help them in creating local chapters at their respective universities.  The information provided in this section would aid in  this regard.

The By-Laws would be the rules and regulations which should be followed by all the chapters. The By-Laws can be accessed here.

Read about the history of the first IDR honor society at Virginia Tech from a statement by the founding member and first president of the IDR honor society at Virginia Tech here.

Here are some additional guidelines that can be read that can aid in different aspects of the organization.

As the organization works on the support from different sponsors, an informational brochure for potential sponsors and partners has been provided.

Steps for establishing a new IDR Chapter

  1. Identify qualified students to complete the chapter establishment procedures who then will be recognized by IDR as the founding officers for one year from the acknowledgement of your chapter (See #2) or until an election is held after the first chapter induction ceremony, whichever comes first.
  2. Submit a notice of intent to establish a chapter to the IDR charter Chapter, which identifies your founding officers and their qualifications.  IDR will send an acknowledgment of its receipt.
  3. Identify at least five qualified founding chapter members and a faculty advisor.
  4. Complete founding member qualification forms for the each founding member (See #3).
  5. Prepare a chapter constitution and bylaws.  You may follow the founding chapter’s example maintaining adherence to the Association for College Honor Societies’ Policies and Procedures for Establishing a National Honor Society.
  6. Identify financial resources for chapter activities.  Some considerations are chapter dues or support from your graduate school and/or university.
  7. Complete the new chapter request form.
  8. Submit the chapter petition, member qualification forms, constitution, a copy of the university graduate catalog.
  9. Once you have received the chapter approval notice, you may conduct your formal induction ceremony for the founding chapter members and faculty advisor.