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November 7 IDR Coffee Hour

Hello IDR members!

I hope your semester is going well and your research has been successful! I would like to invite you all to our first Coffee Hour at the GLC! We will have a room reserved where we will have coffee and hot water for tea as well as some pastries/snacks. We invite you to stop by for as long as you’d like, whether to just pop in to say hi and grab some coffee, or if you want to hang out and chat or do work. This will happen on Tuesday, November 7th from 10-11am in GLC Meeting Room B. Feel free to bring anyone interested in becoming a member as well! I hope to see you all there!

In an effort to continue to share our interdisciplinary research, I also wanted to ask that if you have any major accomplishments in your research, publications, conference presentations, etc. throughout the year, please send me a quick email about it! I’d like to share some of the work each of us does on the Facebook page and hopefully soon on the IDR website. If you know of someone else in the organization who has accomplished something like this, please let me know about it!

Lastly, we will be having a speaker spotlight lecture on Thursday, November 9th from 11-12pm. I’ll be sending out detailed information about it very soon but please pencil this into your calendars as it should be a very interesting talk!

Melissa Kenny
President, IDR

November 9 IDR Speaker

We are going to have our first IDR speaker spotlight lecture of this semester on 11-12 pm, Thursday, Nov 9, GLC room F.

Dr. DeLuca will be speaking about her research and the process of collaboration and crossing disciplinary bridges. Her works include neuroscientists, developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, and neurobiologists.
The title of the talk is An Interdisciplinary approach to neurodevelopmental disorders.

The flyer of the event is here. Please feel free to bring your friends and circulate the event.

Best regards,
Vice president of events, IDR