IDR Symposium 2011


the Compendium , also available in print for registered guests can be found here:Compendium IDR Symposium 2011

Abstract submission extended till Oct 9th 2011 – midnight EST

Definition of “Interdisciplinary Research”

The process of answering a question, solving a problem, or addressing a topic that cannot be dealt with adequately by a single discipline and draws on the ensemble of a disciplines defining elements and integrates the insights to produce a more comprehensive understanding or cognitive advancement.


Promoting and Recognizing Interdisciplinary Research at Virginia Tech and nationwide.

The goal for this symposium is not only to create a dialog for researchers working at the frontier of their disciplines, but also to create a unique perspective on Interdisciplinary Research at VT and nationwide. Distinguished researchers will provide talks on the Interdisciplinary aspects of their work and share their unique experience on the challenges they encounter. Undergraduate and graduate students can equally participate in the poster session and compete for poster awards. Coffee and lunch break provided.


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