Monthly Archives: March 2015

Thanks for a great IDR Day!

Here are the winners for the poster session!


1st Place: Poster Number 1: Mai El-Shehaly (Real-Time processing and Visualization of Multi-Volume Time-Variant Datasets)
2nd Place: Poster Number 15: Renee B Pietsch (Tracking the movement of microbial aerosols from aquatic systems with high-speed video)
3rd Place: Poster Number 14: Sherin Aly (Facial Expression Recognition Using the Kinect)


1st Place: Poster Number 44: Carmen Damico (Controlled Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Nanoscale Bacteria-Enabled Autonomous Drug Delivery Systems (NanoBEADS))
2nd Place: Poster Number 45: Mi Song Kim (Disabled-2 modulates cancer cell adhesion by competing integrin and sulfatide-mediated binding)
3rd Place: Poster Number 41: Rachel Montague (Trust and Choice in the Learning Environment: Student Center for At-Risk Students in Beckley, West Virginia)
Check out a few pictures from IDR Day here!