Monthly Archives: March 2016

Interdisciplinary Round Table @ the GSA Symposium

What: Interdisciplinary Round Table @ the GSA Symposium
Who: Anyone who wants to show up!
When: 10am-11am TODAY!!! (March 23, 2016)
Where: Graduate Life Center Room C

As you all know, the GSA symposium today will feature a special Interdisciplinary round table session that we are organizing. In this round table, we will have 5 professors from different fields who will lead small groups in discussing their journey through IDR and give insight and answer questions from students who want to begin careers in interdisciplinary fields.

I HIGHLY recommend coming to this as this unfettered access to pick the brains of awesome experts in the field is extremely rare! (Plus if you come a few minutes early, there will be breakfast and coffee in the GLC MultiPurpose room)

Also if you are available, there will be posters and oral sessions throughout the day as well, check the schedule for interesting and relevant talks.

Khaled Adjerid