Guidelines for a new chapter


Have a group of graduate/undergraduate students who are actively conducting interdisciplinary research.  The group should be composed of at least 5 students eligible for full membership and have a faculty advisor.   The 5 members should be composed of a president, vice-president of membership, vice-president of events, and a treasurer.

Qualification for Membership:

Several levels of membership are available.

  • Full membership requires (1) completion of at least 12 graded credit hours as a degree-seeking graduate student, (2) a grade point average that is greater than or equal to 3.7, (3) demonstrated initial research success and noteworthy achievement as an original investigator of interdisciplinary research, and (4) significant contribution to the local IΔΡ chapter.
  • Associate membership requires (1) demonstrated sincere belief in the society and its mission by pursuing interdisciplinary research, and (2) significant contribution to the local IΔΡ chapter.
  • Honorary requires (1) noteworthy achievement and proven commitment to interdisciplinary initiatives for education or research, and (2) significant contribution to the local IΔΡ chapter.  Faculty, staff, and other professionals are eligible.  Students are not eligible.

Starting a chapter

To start a new IDR chapter you must meet the following criteria:

  • be enrolled as a graduate student;
  • be able to meet IDR membership qualifications; and
  • and complete chapter establishment procedures.

IDR chapters can only be installed in colleges or universities which grant advanced degrees and support the stated mission of Iota Delta Rho.  Although we admit undergraduate students, we do not accept chapters in colleges/universities who do not have graduate programs as graduate students are the major component of our research honor society.  Other professionals are eligible for membership – please see the requirements for Honorary Membership.

Officer Positions and Responsibilities

Depending upon the number of members and requirements of the organization, additional officer positions may be created to handle the responsibilities involved.  Executive positions are immediately relevant to the structure of the chapter whereas other positions are based on the special needs of its members and their activities.  Only full members can serve on the executive board.

Executive board positions are:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Vice President of Events
  • Secretary/Historian

Extended board positions may include:

  • Public Relations Chair
  • Speaker Spotlight Series Chair
  • Webmaster
  • IDR representatives in different university boards related to interdisciplinary research



Elections of executive officers and other chapter positions must be held annually.  It is recommended that elections be held in the second half and not later than one month before the end of the spring semester.  The executive board can only be elected from and by full members. It is also recommended that elections be announced at least two weeks prior to the election date to allow appropriate candidates to be proposed. The election process should be overseen by the Vice President of Membership for adherence to membership requirements and conducted by the President and secretary and assisted by at least one member of the extended board if existent.

Guidelines for Events:

The IDR chapter should be in charge of organizing different events.  Each chapter is required to host at least one campus-wide outreach event that promotes interdisciplinary research or integrative discussion on a yearly basis.  Suggestions for events include:


  • IDR Day: A yearly event involving roundtable projects where both faculty and students from different disciplines combine their disciplines into developing a solution for a particular problem posed to them.  All disciplines must contribute towards the problem posed before them.
  • IDR Symposium: A yearly research symposium focused specifically on IDR research occuring on campus.  Invited talks, poster presentations, panel discussions and workshops are different elements that can be part of the symposium.
  • Speaker Spotlight Series: A series of mini-talks featuring researchers who are working on interdisciplinary research or programs would be invited to deliver a lecture or a talk.
  • IDR Socials: Informal social event where IDR members get together.  Social events should be hosted in conjunction with a more formal event that fulfills the society’s mission to promote IDR.


Future prospects & considerations towards the umbrella organization IDR Society :

IDR chapters are also expected to collaborate with other chapters across the nation and world towards the functioning of IDR Society that would act as an umbrella organization.  All IDR honor society members are by default members of the IDR Society.  Once 10 chapters are established guidelines about the IDR Society organization will be considered.  The presidents of all the different chapters would act as the board of directors for the organization and direct the efforts towards the advancement of the original aspirations of IDR honor society, promotion and advancement of interdisciplinary research.  Eventually it is expected that IDR Society becomes on par with other professional research societies and would distinguish itself promoting interdisciplinary research.