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Science Magazine on personal interdisciplinary challenges

“Perspective: Troubled by Interdisciplinarity?”

Do program managers and senior faculty tell you “that idea is not really in my bailiwick, and I’m not sure where else to send you”? Do you spend more time choosing a publication venue than writing your paper? Are you asked to be on committees and panels to provide a “fresh perspective” — and then told you spend too much time on service? Is your e-mail full of correspondence about how to handle overhead, subawards, and subcontracts on collaborative proposals? … continue reading

A very IDR article on

“How IBM’s Big Data Guy Found A Career In Chaos”

Charlie Schick, 46, is IBM’s Worldwide Director of Marketing, Big Data, Health Care, and Life Sciences, taps skills as a molecular biologist, a tech journalist, a marketer, and more… continue reading

IDR Seminar and Social – Monday Feb. 27th 2012

The Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society (IDR) is pleased to invite you to its second social / seminar series event for the Spring semester of 2012. Our guest speaker Prof. Layne T. Watson is a professor of computer science and mathematics at Virginia Tech. Prof. Watson will give a talk about “Multidisciplinary Collaboration—Making it Work”.

When: Monday, February 27th from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

Where: ICTAS (Building I), Room 310.

Food and drinks will be served. To help us adjust our food order please RSVP in

IDR Honor Society calls for communication network participants

As part of the launch of the Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Honor Society, we intend to create a forum for open discussion of interdisciplinary issues. In conjunction with this forum, we would like to establish a list of contacts on our website which will serve as nodes of communication to facilitate interdisciplinary communication between the different departments within the university. Students and Faculty interested in serving as such “nodes” for their respective departments will be a source of contact for others by either responding to questions directly or providing further direction to other resources. Please respond to Risa Pesapane ( with your contact information such as email, office location, area of expertise/department, and work phone (optional) if you are interested in being listed as part of the communication network. All disciplines are encouraged to apply!

Edit: (03/05/2011 TE)

Network participants are now listed under Communication Network. We will continue to add contacts to it on an ongoing basis. We hope to add categories and a search function to it in the future.