Call for Abstracts

Want to present your research to fellow students at Virginia Tech but don’t seem to “fit in” well with your department? Want to practice showcasing your research to a broad audience? We invite you to submit an abstract for the IDR DAY poster session!

Who: Graduate and Undergraduate Students at VT
What: Interdisciplinary Research Poster Session
Prizes: Yes!
Submission Deadline: January 30, 2015
IDR Day: February 26, 2015


The easiest way to understand what to have in your abstract is to understand the difference between “multidisciplinary” and “interdisciplinary” research. Multidisciplinary means that the work you do crosses disciplinary boundaries. interdisciplinary, on the other hand, requires the additional work of integrating the methodologies, techniques, or practices of the disciplines that you are utilizing.
We are well aware that for every project, the ways that this integration takes place is different, and this is exactly what we need you to explain on the abstract—the unique process of intentional integration that you have pursued in your research. Please keep descriptions of your research as brief as possible and focus primarily on the process of integration and secondarily on the results/outcomes/impact of your work.

PLEASE make sure that your abstract (and poster) is comprehensible to others outside of your major!

Word limit: 400 words

Abstracts will be selected primarily based on the integration of interdisciplinary research into the author’s work.

To submit an abstract, fill out the form at

Contact Rachael Kennedy ( or Souvick Chatterjee ( with questions.

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