Speaker Spotlight

Hello IDR Members!

I hope you all had a great spring break and snow day! I wanted to email you about a few upcoming events and other notifications for IDR (sorry for the length, but bear with me and please read through)!

1. We are excited to announce our next Speaker Spotlight which will highlight Dr. Sharri Zamore who will give us a talk titled “From Science to Science Communication” on Wednesday March 21st at 10:30am in GLC room A. This talk is going to be really interesting and I highly recommend it. Dr. Zamore has studied many different disciplines, notably in science and engineering fields, but her true passion is science communication and how the public perceives what we, as researchers, do. There will be coffee and donuts at the event! I’ve attached the flyer and would really appreciate it if you could distribute to your listservs or anyone you think might be interested, this talk is open to all!

2. This year, we are a major sponsor at the Graduate Student Assembly Research Symposium ( on Wednesday, March 28th. We will be at the event, promoting interdisciplinarity and enjoying presentations by many of the students on their research here at VT. We will be awarding posters and talks based on interdisciplinarity as well. We encourage you all to try to take time to come see some of the amazing talks and poster presentations at the event. We will also be handing out flyers on membership as well as some IDR merchandise at the event! If you have even an hour or two and would like to help out, please email me ( ASAP and we really appreciate the help!

3. Thank you to all of you who voted for the IDR Constitution amendments earlier this year. We successfully changed the IDR Consitution to include a new membership type! We are now accepting full graduate members, full undergraduate members, and associate members. If you’d like to read about the differences, please check out our website: . Hopefully these changes will help us to broaden our membership to include more undergraduates interested and participating in interdisciplinary research!

4. Speaking of which, membership is currently OPEN and we are accepting spring applicants! PLEASE share this far and wide to everyone you know who might be interested. Visit to find the application packet and any other information you may need.

Thank you all and sorry again for the length of this! Please email me with any questions you may have and hope to see you all soon!

Melissa Kenny
IDR, President

Interdisciplinarity In Art

Dear members,

Please join us in the IDR society’s first talk of the semester by Ray Kass, Professor Emeritus of Art, School of Visual Arts (SOVA) on Interdisciplinarity In Art. Please come and join us and also don’t forget to circulate the flyer and bring a friend with you. Hope to see you all. It will be at Moss Art Center, Downstairs Gallery at 5:00 PM on February 19.

Vice President of Events, IDR society

February 14 IDR Coffee Hour

Hello IDR members!

I hope everyone has had a great start of the semester! IDR is excited to announce its first coffee hour (along with Carol Lee donuts) of the semester on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14th from 10-11 am in GLC room B. We will have coffee and donuts for everyone and several executive board members (including myself!) will be there to discuss upcoming IDR events and other things. If you’d like to just drop in for a coffee/donut or hang out to either chat with us or work, you’re more than welcome! Current members, recently accepted members, and friends and family of the members are welcome!

Also, as a heads up, we are planning to have another speaker spotlight event on Monday, February 19th at 5pm. I’ll send out further details including information about the speaker and location ASAP but I wanted to let you know so you can see if you can make it!

Hope to see you Wednesday!

Melissa Kenny
President, IDR

November 7 IDR Coffee Hour

Hello IDR members!

I hope your semester is going well and your research has been successful! I would like to invite you all to our first Coffee Hour at the GLC! We will have a room reserved where we will have coffee and hot water for tea as well as some pastries/snacks. We invite you to stop by for as long as you’d like, whether to just pop in to say hi and grab some coffee, or if you want to hang out and chat or do work. This will happen on Tuesday, November 7th from 10-11am in GLC Meeting Room B. Feel free to bring anyone interested in becoming a member as well! I hope to see you all there!

In an effort to continue to share our interdisciplinary research, I also wanted to ask that if you have any major accomplishments in your research, publications, conference presentations, etc. throughout the year, please send me a quick email about it! I’d like to share some of the work each of us does on the Facebook page and hopefully soon on the IDR website. If you know of someone else in the organization who has accomplished something like this, please let me know about it!

Lastly, we will be having a speaker spotlight lecture on Thursday, November 9th from 11-12pm. I’ll be sending out detailed information about it very soon but please pencil this into your calendars as it should be a very interesting talk!

Melissa Kenny
President, IDR

November 9 IDR Speaker

We are going to have our first IDR speaker spotlight lecture of this semester on 11-12 pm, Thursday, Nov 9, GLC room F.

Dr. DeLuca will be speaking about her research and the process of collaboration and crossing disciplinary bridges. Her works include neuroscientists, developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, and neurobiologists.
The title of the talk is An Interdisciplinary approach to neurodevelopmental disorders.

The flyer of the event is here. Please feel free to bring your friends and circulate the event.

Best regards,
Vice president of events, IDR