Call for officers

Hello IDR members!

I hope you’ve all had a great end of the semester! It was great seeing many of you at induction only a few weeks ago, and I hope our new members are excited to be a part of IDR and get started helping us to grow and do more in the coming year! In fact, if you’re interested in being a bigger part of IDR, we’d love to have you run for office!

The officer positions available are:
Vice President of Membership
Vice President of Events
Public Relations Chair
Visual Media Chair
Webmaster/Forums Chair
Social Spotlight Speaker Series Chair

The first five positions are a part of the Executive Board and must be filled. While the remaining positions don’t need to be filled, we would love to fill them so we have more people to help next year! I’ve attached a document with descriptions of each position, but if you have any further questions, please email me!

Please let me know by Thursday, May 24th if you would like to run for any position. We will then have a vote if necessary to determine who will fill each position. If you’re interested in being an officer but not sure what to go for or if you’re torn between more than one position, email me about that too! I’m happy to help you decide, or have you fill in where needed.

I really encourage you all to try for a position, even if you were only recently inducted. IDR is a growing group of amazing people and I’ve only ever had a positive experience as an officer. I have been Secretary for two years, VP of Membership for one year, and now President this past year and I’ve enjoyed all three positions immensely. I would be running again if I wasn’t planning to graduate!

Anyway, please let me know and thank you for reading through. Also, if you graduated this year (or previously), please respond to this email to let me know. This will NOT remove you from the list serv (unless you’d like to be), but will let us know if you are still an ‘active’ member on campus or not.

Thank you!
Melissa Kenny
IDR, President

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