Interdisciplinary Research

Hi everyone:

GRAD 5134 Interdisciplinary Research is a graduate level class about collaboration across departments to solve a research problem. This Tuesday, the class is doing a communicating science workshop and it will end in a Mini-Nutshell Games (students have to give a 2 minute speech about their research to a general audience). Students are mainly from Civil & Environmental Engineering. We’re trying to get an audience together for this, and if you have 30-45 min free we really appreciate if you can come by! This will be a great opportunity for you to access interdisciplinary research and learn to communicate with scientists outside your home department!

When: Tuesday 4/10 3pm
Where: Graduate Life Center Room C
What: Come be an audience for great researches!
How: Just come as you are, and feel free to spread the words and grab a friend or two!

If you are coming and/or sending a friend please let me know so I can have a head count.

Thanks and please don’t hesitate to reach out for questions or concerns!

— Aili

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