Blog Updated: Why does Iota Delta Rho host the IDR Symposium in autumn and IDR Day in spring?

Virginia Tech’s Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society is trying to push the boundaries of campus-community involvement. Most clubs, organizations, and societies all strive to unite a group of people based on some common interest. Finding likeminded peers to support the core vision and goals of a new organization is relatively easy. Finding those who will sacrifice time and energy for a cause, with zero guarantee of successful execution, is harder… much harder.

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Megan Holcomb is a masters student investigating the world of water – particularly, global concerns in water, sanitation, and hygiene development. She aspires to mediate cross-boundary water resource conflicts through a scientific lens and to harmonize international development with an interdisciplinary foundation in hydrology, ecology, socioeconomics, and international policy. It is her personal belief that we must refrain from becoming overly specialized with a small scope of expertise, as complex problems require more imagination, more ingenuity, and more breadth of knowledge to arrive at truly applicable solutions. She is the Vice-president of events for IDR honor society at Virginia Tech.


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